Sunday, 1 April 2012

DIY: Bubble Shower Curtain

Hi Everyone!

I decided to post a DIY post. This will be my first one and although it was not my own personal DIY, my mama really made an interesting project out of the most fun wrap ever! BUBBLE WRAP!
It's called a Bubble wrap shower curtain!

I have personally never seen or heard of this but once it was finished it looked awesome and it is still in my bathroom today!

To do this DIY you will only need
-Bubble wrap
-Hot glue gun
- Possibly another person to help you

It is important to have a lot of bubble wrap so that you are able to take 2 parts that are the same size and hot glue gun them both together so that your shower curtain has the bubbles popping out on both sides.
From then, all you need to do is make sure to use the hot glue gun anywhere where there are spaces or in areas that need to be secured. The hot glue gun glue is beneficial to use to secure the bubble wrap because once it comes into contact with the plastic of the bubble wrap it melts it and will enable you to let the curtain get wet because all the glue has melted the plastic into place. It is safe and it works! The last step is just poking holes at the top and adding them onto your shower curtain rings.

This picture shows the curtain in my bathroom...and YES that is a rubber ducky in the back :)
Anyways, my mama was able to get a hold of both clear bubble wrap and a pink colour bubble wrap. She had more of the clear type of wrap so the majority of the curtain is clear but it has a strip of pink on both sides to make it look a little more nice and interesting. 


  1. This is such an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing dear (:


  2. Hmm this really is different. I never would've thought of it. How creative!

    I am stopping over via Lo's Closet!

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